PristineFulfil- CRM
Advanced and Easy to use CRM Solution

  • Sales engagement tools
  • Rapid Uploads of pricing and quotations
  • Graphical reporting and analytics
  • Integration with other applications

Elevate your Customer Engagement and relationships

One CRM Solution...

PristineFulfil-CRM introduces development and growth strategies by optimising your existing sales and marketing funnel. It is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that helps your sales operations in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with your customers by increasing the engagement level.

pristinefulfil crm solution for happy customers
pristinefulfil crm solution for happy customers

CRM Solution Modules

Shift to our fully integrated and digitized CRM solution and Post a wider, easier and stronger solution to get the best leads with minimal efforts and budget. Track easily with easy-to-use interface your marketing campaigns, automate repetitive tasks and know your customers acitivities through reliable insights.

PristineFulfil | Lead Management
PristineFulfil | Lead Management
Campaign Management

PristineFulfil-CRM offers an online platform to accommodate all your marketing campaigns at one place. Streamline and manage your campaigns with interactive dashboard.

Lead Management

Use our digitized lead automation and marketing solution to identify and invest time of your marketing people on hot leads for quick lead closure.

Deals Management

Converting a lead in to an account and creating opportunities or deals from them made easy. You can create multiple quotes from same deal.

E-Mail Campaigns

Create and Automate your email campaigns to update the customers on different sales stages of sales pipeline. The bulk email campaigns help to send the offers and information to all in few clicks.

Tasks and Appointments

Create tasks and appointments for meetings on CRM. It would send notifications and mails for your reminders. You can have all pending future meetings, calls on one page together.

Reports and Dashboards

Use the pre-defined reports and dashboards to manage marketing performance and track important hot leads on right time. You would not miss any opportunity which needs to be addressed.

Ask for your demo and free trail

You can ask for the demo and free trail. It is quick to start and implement. So, contact us for the same.