Mobile Application is now a key criteria in ERP selection

Some may think that ERP on mobile applications is not a criteria to choose an ERP but NO, now a days businessmen are selecting an ERPs which have a ready to use and easy to use mobile application.


Manish Chauhan

11/28/20220 min read

The reasons of having mobile application on the top of ERP are majorly as follows

Saves time: some very critical tasks like approval of a purchase order or a very important sales quotation which has been sent by one of your marketing staff. If you opens up your laptop and approves those document or you may procrastinate the activity of approval for some time due to unease of opening of your laptop from your bag while you are travelling. But if you have a mobile application which opens up in a seconds and helps you to see the pending approvals and enable you to approve the documents on the go… that’s an incredible save of time and best way to response ASAP.

Quick notification: when some important thing happens like a new approval request comes or any event has been triggered in the operations like an item need your attention due to out of stock and loss of opportunities. The things would give a notification alert on your mobile which currently alert you on your email. This ensure your quick action and response on an important event.

Report and dashboard : the reports who you need on daily basis by some person manually sometime fails when that person is absent or left. Now you can keep those dashboards and report calls on mobile and on click of a button you can trigger a report run and take out an important report without delay.

Quick entries : if you want to enter a data like you may ask your marketing people to submit the expense while travelling on the go and submit to the accounts without printout on a paper. That can be manageable on mobile application.

There are Many more important tasks which you can perform other than what listed above. The point is while selecting a right ERP, mobile application has to be in your list of selection criteria.