Mantra for successful implementation of an ERP (STR)

When you procure an ERP, you have lot of expectations and dreams of a controlled, managed, paper less and efficient business process post the implementation. You also select a vendor and expect them to create a magic and provide them an ERP which suits their business and suits their ambitions.


Manish Chauhan

11/25/20222 min read

Let us understand the basic mantra for a successful implementation : STR

S: Study: that’s an essential and most important stage of erp implementation. IT plays a substantial role in any ERP implementation. The business owners and process owners must provide enough time and knowledge transfers to the implementation team so that they can create a correct and comprehensive study document, some say functional requirements document or Project Requirement Document or Gap fitment document. But this has to be a complete and details happen fitment which sounds good if the process and business owners have discussed and dictated complete business processes and their vision of this ERP. If this document is not made correctly that means the blue print in the hand of ERP team is wrong. When they would built the system, the result is going to be wrong system. So, this process study might not a very critical for you as you have to take out time from your busy schedule but if you don’t do this, your won’t get what you dream of.

T: Testing: the failures come when we are in hurry of going live. We rely on the ERP team testing team and just go live. I am not saying the ERP team don’t test correctly but they don’t have the complete vision and clarity of your all testing scenarios and complexities of all of your day to transactions. You must create a testing team at your end also who would take the product from ERP team and test the solution with possible business scenarios. Yes, the product they get should not have bugs. The ERP team should provide them the big free system so that they can run their process for testing on that system without any problems.

R: Review and Reflect: Quick review on the regular intervals with implementation team is an essence, while customisation on ERP is going on, or data migration is going, or any other stages of the project is in process, is an essence. It is to make sure there is no gap of coordination and we are on the right speed towards deadlines of the project. The regular review would ensure you that project is on time and implementation team has no gap of coordination with your internal team ie there is no conflict of understanding between both the teams. This conflict can create a great impact in final product. So put your time and be present in quick review calls. Your attention and presence means a lot to the whole implementation of ERP.