Track Your Employees Location Realtime

Our newly launched Mobile Application "PristineFulfil" gives you all host of features to control and track your employees sitting back in your head office.


Paras Ashta

9/16/20231 min read

person holding black samsung android smartphone
person holding black samsung android smartphone

Pristinfulfil, Our latest Mobile App, which would enable you to track your employees online. They have to check in and Check out, Submit their daily travelling and other expenses. They can submit their daily activities. You can track their route taken whole day and total KMs travelled so that you can reverify the travelling expenses submitted and the travelling KMs system is counting.

This is very important these days to track employees when the field executives are going to travel whole month. The mobile application would encourage to sell with the tragets to be achieved and they can also create the B2B orders online in this app and see the status of shipments of the order. So they can do so many things in app and make the marketing really simpler and real time.

You can call me (Paras, +91 90153 29182) to understand the further information about this application.

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