Does your business need an ERP?

If yes, then which ERP? How to choose best for your business from huge range of ERPs in the market?


11/24/20222 min read

When the business grows, the users who are going to use it increases and the transaction complexities and quantum increases. The questions immediately comes to our mind that do we need an ERP now? If yes which one?

First of all understand the when to decide that now I need an ERP?Does speed of your current software or your manual way of working creating a road block for your business and creating problems.

Some examples are:

  • The shipments are getting delayed,

  • Inventory is going out of stock.

  • When order comes we come to know the stock in not there

  • We can’t control of leakages like stock pilferages and stock mismatches

  • No real time information is available to decide on any critical decision of business

  • Employees are taking advantage like giving wrong information because you can’t see the systems. You don’t have access of your business critical analysis.

  • When you ask reports, you just have to wait for hours and days.

If your operations and business are taking a hit due to your legacy old systems and you decide I must take the ERP now, what all benefits you can expect from a GOOD ERP?

  • It must have an integrated database. All departments must be on ERP. If any one thing I am keeping out of erp or erp doesn’t support. It’s not a complete erp

  • It must be scalable as per my vision. What is my vision? Will it support all? If not then this is not my ERP

  • It must have a clear planning to actual module. If I can’t plan I can’t do.

  • It must be integration tools which can enable me to integrate with outside solutions in future. This is web business and integration with outside solutions can be demand anytime.

  • It must have a clear reporting and dashboardsIt must be easy to use and easy to implement.

If I understand what can I expect from an ERP, which ERP should I buy? The decision should include following criteria’s:

  • Any of my types of business using this erp. If not then I should find what my industry is using. Specialisation matters.

  • What is my budget? Which erp is falling in the ambit of my budget

  • Can I change the technology partner when something happens in our business relations.

  • The source code must be with me.

  • Can I switch to or have access to new versions of this Erp. With the new technologies coming in future can this erp be upgradable. It must be easy and lest costly affair.

    A suitable ERP is the best gift you can give to your business to grow. We can guide you in this journey. We give consulting on selection an erp for your business. Contact us on for consulting.